When it comes to digital marketing, LinkedIn has often been dubbed as the less glamorous corner of the internet, but is now currently experiencing a remarkable transformation. 

At the forefront of this shift stands Creator Authority, a groundbreaking agency founded in January 2024 by Brendan Gahan and Mandi Hopper

With a wealth of experience in the realm of influencer marketing, Gahan and Hopper have set their sights on harnessing the untapped potential of LinkedIn as a platform for brand collaboration and creator partnership.

The LinkedIn Phenomenon

LinkedIn’s meteoric rise as a hub for influencer marketing is supported by staggering statistics. Public content shared on the platform has surged by 24% from 2022 to 2023, with over 139,000 newsletters and a staggering 1 billion members as of November. 

What’s more, the platform’s audience is not only vast but also highly engaged, providing an ideal environment for brands seeking to connect with professionals and decision-makers.

Influencers, like Natalie Marshall, known as Corporate Natalie, have capitalised on this trend, leveraging LinkedIn’s growing appetite for short-form video content to engage with a highly affluent audience. 

Despite having a larger following on Instagram and TikTok, Corporate Natalie’s LinkedIn community continues to expand, signalling a shifting paradigm in content consumption on the platform.


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Navigating the New Terrain

The emergence of Creator Authority signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of influencer marketing on LinkedIn. 

Services ranging from influencer discovery to content management and paid media are tailored to meet the specific needs of brands seeking to capitalise on the platform’s expanding reach. As Corporate Natalie herself attests, the demand for specialised agencies capable of executing partnerships on LinkedIn is undeniable.

Creator Authority’s clients, including fintech company Tipalti, work with the agency to identify which influencers are best suited to reach a brand’s target audience. The agency then enlists those creators for campaigns, including through LinkedIn newsletter sponsorships, as well as written and video content, such as LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Audio Events

From there, Creator Authority’s team manages the efforts and compiles reports that track engagement, reach, conversions, and other metrics.

LinkedIn’s Evolution

LinkedIn’s journey towards becoming a powerhouse in influencer marketing has been marked by strategic investments and innovative initiatives. 

From the introduction of creator mode to algorithm overhauls and the establishment of brand partnership labels, the platform has laid the groundwork for a robust ecosystem of paid, organic, and influencer-driven marketing.

The increase in creator opportunities on LinkedIn stems from key changes made over the past few years. The platform overhauled its algorithm to prioritise creator content and invested in expanding resources available for creators. 

Furthermore, initiatives, such as the Creator Accelerator Program, and brand partnership labels have further solidified LinkedIn’s position as a premier destination for influencer marketing.

The Future of LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

As brands increasingly recognise the value of B2B influencer marketing on LinkedIn, the trajectory for growth is clear. 

Notion, for instance, has successfully leveraged B2B creators to amplify its presence and showcase its enterprise solutions. With a growing appetite for targeted marketing and a burgeoning community of creators, the potential for LinkedIn as a marketing powerhouse knows no bounds.

Most of the influencer marketing occurring on LinkedIn at this point has been among B2B brands, some of which have already seen notable impacts from working with influencers, such as business owners, analysts, thought leaders, and even their own employees. 

What’s more, according to a recent report from Ogilvy, 75% of more than 550 B2B executives surveyed by the agency said they leverage B2B influencer marketing – and of that 75%, nearly all (93%) said they planned to invest further in influencers in the future. 

And lastly, 92% of respondents agreed that targeted marketing involving B2B influencers is an effective strategy for increasing brand consideration and customer acquisition.


In the midst of LinkedIn’s transformation from a professional networking site to a dynamic hub for influencer marketing, Creator Authority emerges as a trailblazer, spearheading the convergence of brands and creators on this burgeoning platform. 

As the demand for authentic engagement and real consumer stories continues to rise, LinkedIn stands poised to redefine the landscape of digital marketing. 

What’s more, with Creator Authority at the helm, backed by the platform’s growing infrastructure and audience engagement, the future of influencer marketing on LinkedIn looks poised to be brighter than ever.