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Not just in business, one of the hardest but most useful things in life is knowing when to say no.

And, if you are an entrepreneur, you are well aware of the pressure to be able to say no, especially when you are getting dodgy offers. (If you haven’t already, believe me you will).

Better soon than later; yes; you need to get the awareness that when you start taking off with your business, and from that moment on, there will be people around you that will try to take advantage of you. Most of these offers will be along the lines of giving you something bigger in the future. However, it is not hard to realise when an idea doesn’t have any legs.

Saying no is your only way out.

It goes without saying here that if you are offered a mutual partnership, where both parties are benefiting in the short as well as long term, you should still go for it. In fact, we actively encourage that.

Here is the simple way you can distinguish between a good and bad offer.

Developing the Relationship

Again, like most things in life, business relationships are built over time and trust.

Luckily, people out there to use others tend to be out there to make a quick buck too. This means that they will go straight for the kill, seeming to come out of nowhere. Here, the age old quote is truer than ever: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So, if you try to slow down things, chances are that they will just let you be.

On the other hand, if, after applying the same test, the relationship leads to a realistic state, the partnership is probably worth it. At this stage, a monetary exchange is still not compulsory. With the right idea and execution, a partnership can do more than just generate money and help you grow in more than one way.

Leveraging Your Assets

Your assets should never be limited to monetary options.

And, in most cases, the best relationships have no money involved in the first place.

In fact, the moment you learn to leverage your assets, and share them with people with different assets from yours, is when you start growing as a business.

For instance, we often run blogging partnerships with local businesses. The local businesses end up getting some free content, while we get a good word out. In addition, such partnerships are also useful from the perspective of ranking higher on Google, given that we get the credit for writing the content. In addition, these partnerships are also a great way to lay foundations for building a relationship. So, even though no money is exchanged, the good word spreads.

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