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How do you feel when a new connection on LinkedIn sends a 6 paragraph sales pitch?

Most of these people are unknown to you, have never tried talking to you, and above all do not understand what you need as a business. And, it doesn’t stop there.

You may ignore such people. But, give it a few days and you might get another set of messages selling the same item with similar tactics. Again, no effort in terms of trying to understand you.

Simply, this is all annoying. And, to this day, I have failed to understand why do such people keep sending this irrelevant marketing content when the returns must be barely positive.

The worst part is, I have received this kind of correspondence from people on some prestigious lists, e.g. the Forbes’ 30 under 30. In fact, by doing so, these people are dropping the value of such lists in my eyes as a whole, hurting other possibly value-adding individuals with high potential. Instead of letting these people continue, here’s some guidance on how we target people with relevant marketing content.

Building a Long Term Relationship

We have used this analogy multiple times: Getting a sale is no different from attracting a sexual partner. And, this is true from both a human level as well as creating algorithms. To learn more, check:

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Of course, there are exceptions to this rule of building relationships. For instance, if you are extremely attractive, you may get away by just showing up. In terms of business, this established attractiveness may be comparable to branding.

However, with all the external beauty, there still needs to be long term value in your services. Even Miss Universes, with all their beauty, get divorced and dumped.

So, let’s look at your alternative to irrelevant marketing content.

Stage 1 – Connect and Communicate

Whether you connect physically, for instance at a networking event, or digitally, for instance over LinkedIn, communicate and understand your audience.

Stage 2 – Arrange a Catch Back

A single line of connection is almost never enough to build a relationship. (How many of your first dates have led to sex or, better, long term relationships?). So, at least arrange a call, but preferably, get some form of physical connection.

Stage 3 – Develop Trust

This point is contained within the effort discussed so far. You need to be able to listen to act accordingly. And, if you do not have the right value for the person, do not waste their time. In all fairness, building the connection and adding people to your known network has long term value that you can explore as an added incentive, rather than looking at it as added sales.

Stage 4 – Close the Deal

Stage 4 is not always attained. However, instead of pushing your product or service, first you need to establish that your product or service will help your connection in the first place. In other words, sell when it is time to sell. In all fairness, in most cases if you have reached this level, you might not even have to sell because they are aware of your value.

Concluding Remarks

Developing a long term relationship is about understanding the taste and personality of your connection.

In other words, understand and act upon what people need.

However, if you are not the right match, don’t waste each other’s time. Here, we do not just mean the right match in terms of your products or services, by match we mean something more. You need to be able to complement each other.


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