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What is your content strategy?

At the most basic level, content is your chance to attract and convert prospects into customers. But, the actual step of content creation goes a step further. (I will let you decide your higher levels).

In order to fulfil the goal of attracting clients, most organisations produce content around their products and services. Problems start when companies are too sold to the idea of only blogging about their products and services.

The Technical Problems

How do you view a businessperson who is only capable of talking about their own business?

(This is not even an exaggeration).

We meet such people all the time when networking. It feels like, the moment the niceties are covered, some people want to shove their business cards in your mouth and walk away. Such people are the real life manifestation of spammers.

This is how search engines treat continuous production of content connected with only the products and services of a company too. If your every keyword and title is connected directly to what you do, your content is flagged as spam.

As a result, your content, at least, will not rank high. In worse case scenarios, all your content could be buried deep in any searches.

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The Prospecting Issue

What percentage of your readers are in the market to buy?

If you are lucky, this number is around 3%. Most of the rest of the audience is simply looking around. So, how do you convince the majority of your audience?

Let’s look at an example.

If you are trying to sell coffee, don’t just talk about your coffee. Instead, talk about how can you improve someone’s morning routine. Even if coffee was not the first thing in the head of the person, you have now planted the seed that you can solve a problem. They are just a click away from a solution.

If you only talk about your coffee, you kill your prospect even before it is born.

Therefore, instead of targeting potential clients, turn to interest targeting. Put simply, look into related interests of your potential clients and produce content around that.

By doing so, you don’t only widen your prospecting potential, but also show the ability to product value beyond the expectations.

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