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The inspiration for this blog comes from a recent article in Quartz by Hanna Kozlowska. To read the original article, please click here.


We recently talked about the failure of Dailybooth in comparison to Instagram. 

To forward the argument made in the said piece, it is also important to consider the evolution of Instagram.

In the words of Hanna Kozlowska, Instagram has transformed into an online shopping more. However, there is more to the story here.

Pressure from Facebook

You may already know this – Facebook owns Instagram.

And, given the simplistic nature of Instagram to begin with; being a camera app; Facebook had to push the team at Instagram to work on their profitability. And, they have done exactly that. 

As a result, you get to see more ads on your timeline, as well as your stories. However, ads on themselves do not drive the same level of sales as one would expect.

The Influencer Bubble

The influencer marketing environment is not the same as it used to be. 

Specifically, direct sales through influencer ads are on a decline. And, generally, people find such ads annoying. We talk more about this in a blog here

However, pushing lifestyles is still an option.

The Lifestyle Undertone

How often do you see a dress selling out instantly after a famous person wears them?

In the UK, for instance, anything worn by a monarch sells instantly. We have recent examples of Princess Charlotte’s birthday dress. In the case of Duchess Kate, you can find lists of dresses that sold straight away after she wore them. 

But, in such cases, keep in mind that they are not out and out making a sale. They are simply showcasing a lifestyle that is of interest to people.

And, that is what Instagram is doing now too.

Instead of influencers pushing products, they are now pushing lifestyles exclusively.

So, when you see that flower dress or pitch perfect beach clothing, all the brand needs is a mention at the spot and people will want to get them. 

Put simply, businesses do not need to shove products in the face of consumers to make sales. You need to be pushing the right image. 

From there on, an ad just makes it easier for people to click through and buy.

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