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Influencer marketing was a simple, yet effective tool for businesses.

The real challenge for businesses then was finding the right influencer for your business, leading to posts that drew direct sales.

But, apart from the fact that influencers with multi million followers are now drawing just double figure sales for businesses, the complete picture is far gruelling.

According to a report from Campaign, 45% followers find sponsored posts ‘annoying’. Keep in mind that these people are following these influencers, knowing well that the earnings come through ad content. 

In short, sales become a smaller problem when your campaign creates out and out anger. 

The Genuineness

The problem begins with the genuineness, or rather the lack of it, in social media influencer marketing. 

Whether the content produced by influencers is overly-polished or simply lacking any trustworthiness, the end-result is a decline of any positives for businesses. 

In all fairness, people are becoming immune to social media direct marketing to an extent. But, influencer marketing had an edge.

The whole idea of influencer marketing was based around the fact that if we like someone, we try to associate ourselves with things that they do. However, the idea of following someone is based on the associated trust that we put in them. And, this trust has slowly diminished with the way most influencer marketers have conducted themselves.

The Lifestyle Edge

There is a possible detracking involved in influencer marketing.

The whole idea that made influencer marketing unique is diminishing.

Traditional celebrities portray a certain lifestyle that their followers want to acquire. And, therefore, endorsements still bring in the sales through traditional celebrities.

But, the idea of influencer marketing came with a DIY attitude. In other words, influencer marketing picked people from their bedrooms and made them stars. 

However, when the same influencers start bringing in big money and make a change to their life, the whole thing that made them unique goes away. Today, a star from YouTube may have a bigger entourage than a rapper of the same magnitude. And, this doesn’t sit well with everyone. 

The whole following takes a turn.

Remember that the followers of these influencers do not want to see them having it all together. They were following relatable chaos. Possibly, more people are becoming content with themselves now, instead of trying to pursue a fabricated lifestyle.

Therefore, influencers who have still kept a better relationship with their following are still able to do relatively better. (Giving any names here could backfire in the future. You know if you know).

The Evolving Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is not dying; it is simply evolving.

A sudden gust of fame can turn the head of any of us. And, that is why influencers that do not keep a check on their progress are the ones struggling. Here, the simple reason is the lack of guidance for the influencers, when they urgently need it.

On the other hand, influencers that keep their head, at least initially, are able to keep things steady or get professional managerial help. This is the same as a traditional celebrity. (We are not suggesting here that management is the key to influencer marketing success. But, it certainly helps). 

Marketing any and every product, and losing touch with your audience is a recipe for disaster. Then, whether you have a few thousand followers or multi million, the only way is downhill. 

However, influencers that are able to go around the problem still have a bright future. People still buy from people.

Just keep an eye on the changing social media and digital market.

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