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While worrying too much for ranking factors, sometimes we lose sight of what marketing can achieve.

If it was all about selling a product, marketing will not be called ‘marketing’. It will be called ‘sales’. (Duh).

In fact, this may sound a little old fashioned but gaining impressions for a business is still quite important. 

The PR Game

The whole PR industry is built on a single goal – getting businesses mentioned; preferably in a positive light.

And, most people I know in business see value in being seen. In fact, there are no signs of a change in the way PR works; at least at the most basic level. 

However, I am not arguing here to drop everything else and focus on impressions. Further, I am not telling you to drop ongoing organic and paid ads and go for paying per impressions. 

The bottom-line is, there is a huge difference between getting mentioned and getting attention. It is a possibility that an impression means attention. However, the odds are quite low. 

And, yes, most probably, Google does not take impressions into account as a ranking factor. But, not everything is measurable.

The Challenge

It is all nice and good to say that a business is results driven. However, we need to understand that not everything is measurable.

Recently, there has been an uproar for the amount of search results that go unclicked. There is a similar outcry about the conversion between seeing an ad and clicking on it. It is important to optimise your efforts but there are limits to optimisation based on a given industry.

More than anything else, search and ads are becoming brand channels. It is not a case of choosing between digital marketing and no digital marketing, it is a case of being seen online – full stop. And, that means all or at least some form of digital marketing.

The said chasing of impressions also makes sense from a psychological aspect. Whether it’s marketing micro moments or becoming memorable, impressions are hugely important.

And, that is the main reason why I believe Twitter is still applicable for most businesses.

Impressions on Twitter

How many impressions do you think are valuable for your business per week?

1,000? 2,000?

What if I tell you, Axies Digital gets around 8-10k impressions per week on Twitter without spending a penny? All we do there is tweet twice a day. 

In addition, we have never received a direct inquiry for our services through Twitter. And, I will not go into the details of why this is happening. 

But, we see great value in these impressions. People actually know who we are because of the platform as it still works great for microblogging. That 3% interaction rate is quite amazing in comparison to our other efforts. 

So, if you are pushing a networking event or sharing views on a topic, impressions are still important.

To learn more, get in touch with us today. 

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