In a monumental development set to reshape the shopping landscape of Brighton, the world-renowned Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, has unveiled its ambitious plans to establish a store in the bustling city centre. 

This groundbreaking move was made possible through the acquisition of the Churchill Square Shopping Centre, nestled near Western Road, in a landmark deal that rang in at an astonishing £145 million. 

What’s more, this announcement comes hot on the heels of IKEA’s decision to shelve its earlier project for a store in Lancing, West Sussex, back in 2021, opting instead to bring a taste of its illustrious offerings closer to urban residents and visitors.

A Shift Towards Urban Convenience

These forthcoming city centre stores signify a pivotal departure from the company’s traditional out-of-town furniture warehouses, marking a strategic shift towards greater accessibility and convenience. 

While the exact opening date of the new IKEA store remains shrouded in mystery, it’s clear that the company is primed to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and cater to the dynamic needs of urban shoppers.

The Sussex Connection

IKEA’s esteemed retail manager and sustainability officer for IKEA UK, Sarah Johnson, expressed the company’s unwavering enthusiasm for expanding into Sussex, an area that has long been on their radar. 

Johnson passionately stated that they are thrilled to bring IKEA closer to where their customers live, work, and socialise, and to become an integral part of the vibrant community. This heartfelt commitment exemplifies IKEA’s dedication to becoming an indelible part of the local tapestry in Brighton.

A City Beyond London

This new store represents a historic milestone, as it will be the third city store for IKEA in the United Kingdom and the first one located outside of London

This bold move underscores the company’s vision to diversify its store formats and reach an even broader audience while remaining steadfast in its mission to provide affordable and stylish home furnishing solutions.

Global Workforce Expansion

In an impressive display of its commitment to growth and excellence, IKEA has also unveiled plans to strengthen its global workforce by adding a substantial 4,000 staff members over the next two years. 

This strategic move is a cornerstone of a comprehensive business revamp aimed at enhancing the company’s ability to provide top-notch customer service to millions of shoppers worldwide.

Expanding IKEA’s Retail Footprint: Benefits Galore

Opening more IKEA stores offers a multitude of advantages. It enhances accessibility for customers, reducing the need for lengthy travel to reach a store, thus making shopping more convenient. 

Additionally, the expansion creates local job opportunities, stimulates regional economies, and supports nearby businesses. With more stores, shipping costs for large items are often reduced, aligning with IKEA’s sustainability goals

Furthermore, the physical presence of stores allows customers to engage with products, fostering a more inspiring and interactive shopping experience. Moreover, it enables IKEA to adapt to evolving shopping trends, strengthen its competitive position, and showcase its commitment to sustainability, ultimately benefiting both the company and its diverse customer base.


The imminent arrival of IKEA in Brighton’s city centre represents a seismic shift in the retail landscape, promising to leave an indelible mark on both residents and visitors. With its longstanding commitment to sustainability, affordability, and design excellence, IKEA’s entry into this vibrant community is poised to infuse a breath of fresh Swedish air into Sussex. 

As the iconic blue and yellow brand prepares to set up shop on the former Debenhams site, Brighton can eagerly anticipate a new era of accessible, stylish, and sustainable home furnishing options. 

What’s more, this move not only underscores IKEA’s adaptability but also its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its customers in today’s ever-changing retail environment. Brighton, brace yourselves for the opportunity to assemble your dream home right in the heart of your city, courtesy of IKEA!