After a tiring day, there’s nothing quite as soothing and satisfying than to relax with a comforting bowl of pasta, with home cooks across the globe swearing by pasta dishes to satisfy their family and friends.

But now they have an opportunity to take it up a notch with this soon-to-be released product that will be available in supermarkets. Heinz and Absolut Vodka have joined forces to give you a one-of-a-kind sauce that is guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds. This remarkable concoction will surprise and delight your senses!

What Has The Heinz and Absolute Partnership Created?

It’s a rarity to hear about food companies collaborating with alcoholic beverage brands, yet Heinz and Absolute Vodka have made it happen! Two iconic companies, leaders in their respective fields, have joined forces to create the ultimate pasta sauce experience.

Drawing inspiration from one of the most popular viral pasta recipes, that swept through TikTok during 2020’s lockdown period, which consisted of pasta with a sauce made from a delectable blend of tomatoes, garlic, onions and cream, that was finished off with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a splashing hint of vodka.

This new sauce has now been crafted with all the classic recipes ingredients you know and love, including that savoury, velvety vodka which adds a special flavour to this incredible sauce and ultimately, your dish. Get ready for your taste buds to be tantalised!

Heinz has consistently been devoted to crafting sauces that are both savoury and convenient, and with Absolut Vodka’s help, they have achieved success in creating a new sauce that is sure to become a household must-have.

Heinz Absolut Vodka pasta sauce
Image Source: AdWeek

Where Will The Sauce Be Available To Purchase?

If you’re a fan of the recipe but don’t always have the time or the ingredients to make it from scratch, Heinz and Absolute Vodka have got you covered.

Not only does the Heinz and Absolut Vodka pasta sauce offer an unparalleled flavour, but it’s also a breeze to use! When you’re short on time or simply craving some comforting fare, just pour the sauce over your cooked pasta and give it a good toss to coat everything and away you go!

Waitrose supermarkets across the United Kingdom are proud to be host of the exclusive launch of this delicious sauce, stating that it’s priced at only £2.50 per jar!

To guarantee customer satisfaction, the sauce ensures that its convenient packaging preserves all of the flavour and richness reminiscent of the traditional recipe – perfect for enhancing any pasta dish!

What Could Make This Sauce Collaboration Different From Others?

Heinz has partnered with other brands in the past that have resulted in sauces that haven’t been as well received by uncertain customers, for instance ‘mayo-cue‘ and ‘mayo-must‘ – combinations of mayonnaise with mustard and mayonnaise with barbecue sauce, which were released back in 2019.

However this time, Heinz and Absolute Vodka have worked hard to make sure that their pasta sauce stands out from the crowd by making it more than just a regular sauce, with aspects that will appeal to the masses. The two companies feel they have created something that foodies will love, as it combines both food and a tipple at the same time.


Heinz and Absolut Vodka’s unexpected collaboration is an electrifying advancement in the field of food products. By merging two popular brands, they have concocted an incomparable sauce that is sure to tantalise the taste buds of pasta enthusiasts across the UK.

For those who adored the initial viral recipe, or just want to relish a new version of their preferred comfort food dish, Heinz Absolut Vodka pasta sauce is an absolute must-try!