In a bid to drive a deeper and more meaningful impact with its campaigns, the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) charity has launched a refreshed brand identity

This significant transformation is the result of a collaborative effort involving independent creative director Stuart Gough, the brand narrative team at Pentagram, and creative agency Impero

With Jones Knowles Ritchie bringing the motion aspect to life, the rebrand is built around four key pillars: a new identity, a new tone of voice, a new motion identity, and a new campaign.

A New Identity for a Noble Cause

The refreshed identity aims to communicate the vital importance of the hospital’s work in helping children affected by serious illnesses find a touch of optimism. 

The GOSH director of marketing and communications highlighted that the new identity is designed to be more accessible, inclusive, and digitally enabled. 

What’s more, this change symbolises the progress they are driving for seriously ill children and underscores the collective role everyone plays in realising this mission. By empowering themselves to be more relevant, GOSH aims to inspire both their current and new audiences to engage with their cause.

Central Role of Patient Families

Patient families at GOSH have been central to the decision-making process. Their call for boldness and acknowledgment of the harsh realities of serious childhood illness resonated deeply with the decision-makers. 

This focus on childhood and the hospital’s pivotal role in protecting every aspect of it has guided the essence of the new look and feel. 

The child-centric approach illustrates how fundraising for the charity will support crucial research into childhood illnesses and provide much-needed support for families at their lowest moments.

Embracing the Charm of a Child’s Drawing

Creative director Stuart Gough saw an opportunity to create a design system that leveraged the love and character of the original sketch. 

The concept throughout the identity is to embrace the energy of a child’s drawing, with all its charm and mistakes. When harnessed carefully, this can create a distinct and positive identity system that is recognisable through its entire personality, not just the logo. 

Furthermore, the refreshed brand features vibrant colours, whimsical illustrations, and playful typography that collectively convey a sense of hope and joy.

The Role of Collaboration

The success of the GOSH rebrand is a testament to the power of collaboration. Stuart Gough’s creative direction, combined with Pentagram’s narrative expertise and Impero’s strategic insights, resulted in a holistic and cohesive brand identity. 

Furthermore, Jones Knowles Ritchie’s contribution in bringing the motion identity to life added an extra layer of dynamism, making the brand more engaging across digital platforms. 

Impressively, this collaborative approach also ensured that every aspect of the rebrand was meticulously crafted to resonate with both the charity’s mission and its audience.

A Collective Effort for a Brighter Future

The rebranding of the GOSH charity is a testament to the power of collaboration and creative vision. 

By bringing together the expertise of leading creative minds, the charity has crafted an identity that not only highlights the critical work they do but also inspires greater engagement and support from the community. 

Moreover, this refreshed identity serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action, reminding everyone of the importance of supporting seriously ill children and their families.

In conclusion

The Great Ormond Street Hospital charity’s new brand identity is a bold and dynamic representation of their unwavering commitment to childhood. 

By embracing a child-centric approach and leveraging the power of creative collaboration, GOSH aims to drive a deeper and more meaningful impact with its campaigns, inspiring greater engagement and support from all who believe in their cause. 

And ultimately, it should be remembered that the new identity is more than just a visual refresh; it is a symbol of progress, inclusivity, and hope for the future.