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Have you tried the playstation VR? (I am skipping the part where I define VR and a Playstation. If you are here, you already know them).

Playstation VR is a great upgrade to the fun side of using a Playstation, enhancing the experience of the casual gamer.

But, in all fairness, the VR technology has not reached a point of professional gaming application.

The story of VR in general presents a similar story.

The technology is there but it is not mature enough to be adopted at a grand scale. The future of VR is still open to interpretation but the signs are bright.

On a side note, VR is not just supposed to be a casually used technology. VR has the potential to be the next big thing. But, before that happens, something else has a higher potential to succeed.

We are not saying it because the said technology is a major part of our services, experts in the field share similar views. Of course, we are talking about Voice Search.

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The Upgrade Trend of Voice Search

To be fair, Axies Digital has been banging on about voice search since the conception of the company – hence Marketing “Voice”.

We actually talk about it in our niche and even explain our relationship with it, future relationship to be precise, on multiple occasions.

But, now, it is different. Things are looking brighter than ever for Voice Search.

Samsung devices are now shipping with Bixby, a new virtual assistant. Apple is upgrading Siri. Echo is a decent hit and improving all the time.

So, in the near future, voice search is a real game changer because the number of adopters and enablers has been continuously increasing.

But, in the medium term, expect something bigger.

The Future of VR

We talked about Bixby and Siri. But, there is more to the story.

Bixby comes with support for Virtual Reality. Siri is upgraded to include features that are capable of bringing augmented reality closer to reality.

We are nearer to the future of VR than we expected.

In fact, beyond Samsung and Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are all working on their VR capabilities.

And what more, all these companies have big plans for the technology. For instance, Alex Kipman, a cloud and AI expert at Microsoft, suggests that VR holds the ability to kill every technology with a screen. This includes smartphones, TVs, and so on.

So, it is time to make VR a theme in your future planning.

Therefore, in a similar fashion, Axies Digital is working on improving its VR capabilities. When we have the mechanisms in place, expect it to be a part of our niche.

We will keep you updated.

(As of mid 2019, we have extended our tech capabilities to Augmented Reality. Check our project ArchR here).

Meanwhile, we are still the top dogs in SEO capabilities, which we extend to technical web development. Have a chat with us about how we can improve your business.

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