There’s some exciting news for UK consumers who want to upgrade their gadgets while being environmentally conscious. A popular French marketplace for refurbished devices, called Back Market, is currently purchasing various technology products such as laptops, mobile phones, and game consoles directly from consumers in the UK.

The intention behind this action is to make more recycled products available and decrease the overall amount of electronic waste. This blog post will dive deeper and take a closer look at Back Market’s expansion and how it benefits both consumers and the planet.

Who is the company Back Market?

Back Market is an established player in the refurbished tech industry. The company was founded in France in 2014 and has quickly expanded to become one of the biggest online markets in Europe for used electronic devices.

The purpose of Back Market is to offer individuals a platform that features certified and vetted refurbishers, making it more convenient for consumers to discover dependable and fully-operational used devices at a reduced price.

With its expansion to the UK market, Back Market is aiming to appeal to more environmentally conscious customers who are seeking reasonably priced technology that maintains high performance and reliability standards.

Back Market

What are the benefits of selling to Back Market?

Selling to Back Market has the advantage of providing consumers with a reasonable amount of money for their used devices, without the inconvenience of searching for a buyer or dealing with bidding.

Additionally, the company’s pricing system is simple,  straightforward and clear. It considers the product’s state, age, and brand to determine the price. Furthermore, the company offers free shipping and secure packaging for customers who want to send their devices, ensuring full peace of mind.

After receiving the product, the refurbishers at Back Market will refurbish the product to a like-new condition, before reselling it on their platform.

What are the country’s goals and how can Back Market help?

The entry of Back Market into the United Kingdom market is in line with the country’s ambitious objectives of decreasing electronic waste and boosting sustainability.

The UK produces approximately 1.5 million tonnes of electronic waste annually, but the government plans to increase the lifespan of electrical products by four years by 2030. This effort could potentially save billions of pounds and decrease carbon emissions.

Back Market and similar companies can decrease the amount of electronics in landfills and reduce energy-demanding manufacturing of new products by establishing a stronger refurbished device market.

What is a circular economy model?

By selling their old devices to platforms, such as Back Market, UK consumers are supporting a circular economy model. A circular economy model promotes the reuse and recycling of materials, rather than following a linear approach of discarding products after use.

When selling to Back Market, it gives a second chance to the valuable components and materials of electronics, and in addition, helps to prolong their life. As a result, the refurbishing industry can also experience job creation and economic growth.

How does this impact customers?

The expansion of Back Market to the UK has great potential to benefit customers in many ways. Not only can it provide individuals with an easy and reliable way to purchase refurbished products at reasonable prices, but it also establishes a more sustainable system that could have far-reaching positive implications for the world’s environment.

Thus, by selling their used gadgets to Back Market, customers can simultaneously help decrease electronic waste while supporting a circular economy model. It is an opportunity that is certainly worth considering for those who are looking for affordable devices while being environmentally conscious. 

On top of that, customers will also be rewarded with cash for their efforts!

How can this be an inspiration to other companies?

Back Market’s expansion to the UK can be seen as a beacon of hope and inspiration for other companies. It demonstrates that it is possible to grow sustainably while still providing customers with excellent products and services.

The success achieved by Back Market shows that there is immense potential in the refurbishing industry, leading to more jobs, economic growth, and reduced electronic waste.

By embracing circular economy models, companies have an opportunity to make their businesses more sustainable while contributing towards a greener future.


For UK consumers who value sustainability and want to upgrade their tech, it’s great news that Back Market is now expanding into the UK market. Back Market is making it easier and more profitable for consumers to sell their used devices, which contributes to the development of a circular and sustainable economy.

It may be worth noting that everyone should expect the emergence of more companies like Back Market to meet the rising demand, as more consumers become aware of the advantages of refurbished gadgets

Back Market is leading the way for others to follow and can be an inspiration for companies to adopt a circular economy model and create a more sustainable future, as ultimately, this could benefit everyone regardless of their economic standing. 

With its expansion, Back Market has the potential to revolutionise how we think about buying and selling technology in the UK. It’s definitely worth paying attention to!