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A recent study from Miaozhen Systems found that about a third (30.2%) of China’s digital ads traffic is fake. 

This problem is not limited to China only. In fact, fake traffic is a global problem – a $30 billion problem. 

This means that when ads are displayed on a website, whether through Google’s adsense or other similar services, chances are that they are not being clicked through by your target audience. Instead, a large portion of the clicks are either coming through unethical means or bots. 

This means that you might be chucking your marketing budgets in the wrong place. Therefore, a better option is to either go for organic means or look to improve your marketing output.

And, there are other examples of this happening too. In this blog, we will be covering the case of YouTube Music Ads.

YouTube Music Ads Strategy

I am an avid user of YouTube music. Nice selection of music and the radio options are decent. Such is the situation that all you need to pick is a single song that you like and let the app do the rest for you with endless music that follows afterwards.

However, like any other music service though, if you do not subscribe to the paid version, you open yourself to ads. 

But, it seems that most of the companies using this marketing option are not considering how are their ads displayed. Playing an ad while I am showering on one side, the option has bigger issues.

For instance, if you do not catch attention within the allocated 30 seconds, when you have to pay, there are way too many instances where, even after running the whole ad, I am unsure what was the ad selling. 

One possible reason for this happening is how the businesses are utilising YouTube music option. 

Businesses need to treat YouTube music more as a radio, rather than a visual medium. (Specifically, think of it as radio that people still listen to, in numbers). 

Please keep in mind that currently, YouTube is not differentiating between usual and YouTube music ads. However, this may change in the near future.

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