In a groundbreaking move for Formula 1 and motorsport, Formula 1 and Sky Group have joined forces to ignite the imaginations of young racing enthusiasts with a captivating new broadcast experience. 

Aptly named F1 Juniors, this trailblazing initiative is set to debut at the highly anticipated Hungarian Grand Prix, promising to introduce the world of Formula 1 to a new generation of fans like never before.

A Spectacle Designed for the Youngest Eyes

F1 Juniors is no ordinary broadcast, it’s a carefully crafted masterpiece tailored exclusively for children. At its core lies the International Feed, a mesmerising blend of cutting-edge technology and imaginative storytelling. 

Bursting with 3D augmented graphics, the International Feed seeks to take young viewers on an extraordinary journey into the heart of the racing action. 

From the adrenaline-pumping moments on the track to the intricate mechanics behind the scenes, F1 Juniors aims to captivate young minds and leave them in awe of the thrilling world of Formula 1.

Vibrant and Engaging Visuals

As if the high-octane racing action wasn’t enough, F1 Juniors takes it up a notch with a bespoke package of colourful graphics and animations. Formula 1 has spared no effort in crafting exclusive cartoon avatars for each of the 20 drivers on the grid. 

These whimsical avatars will accompany the drivers throughout the race, infusing a sense of playfulness and camaraderie into the competitive atmosphere. 

FUrthermore, young fans can now cheer on their favourite drivers in a unique and endearing manner, forging a deeper connection between the champions and their youthful admirers.

Meet the Energetic Hosts

At the helm of this exhilarating broadcast are the dynamic trio of Sky UK‘s FYI presenters, Braydon and Scarlett, alongside young go-karting sensation, Zac. 

Their boundless energy and enthusiasm are contagious, making them the perfect guides for this thrilling F1 Juniors experience. Additionally, adding star power to the lineup are two illustrious racing personalities, 2016 F1 world champion Nico Rosberg and former NASCAR and IndyCar racer Danica Patrick

With their wealth of expertise and passion for the sport, Nico and Danica bring an invaluable perspective that will resonate with both young and seasoned fans alike. Alongside the revered Sky Sports F1 team, this ensemble of hosts ensures an action-packed and unforgettable broadcast.

A Message of Enthusiasm from F1

The Director of Media Rights and Content Creation at Formula 1 expressed heartfelt excitement in sharing this unique edition of the F1 broadcast with the younger fans. 

Recognising the sport’s ever-growing popularity, the director expressed further delight in collaborating with long-standing partners at Sky Group to create an unparalleled viewing experience for the next generation of racing enthusiasts. 

Furthermore, with the newly formed F1 Juniors, Formula 1 reaffirms its commitment to evolving with the times, inspiring young minds, and fostering an enduring passion for motorsport.

Potential Advantages to F1 Targeting a Younger Audience

Targeting a kid-based audience in Formula 1, through initiatives like F1 Juniors, offers numerous advantages. By introducing the sport to children through specialised broadcasts, F1 can build a lifelong fanbase, cultivating new enthusiasts and ensuring future growth potential. 

What’s more, engaging with kids fosters family involvement, creating shared experiences and bonding opportunities. Additionally, tapping into this younger demographic expands brand awareness, attracting potential sponsors and revenue sources. 

Moreover, the educational aspect of F1 Juniors sparks curiosity in STEM subjects, positively influencing young aspirants, while the interactive and immersive experience provided by 3D augmented graphics and child-friendly content keeps young viewers captivated. Therefore, F1’s commitment to being family-friendly further enhances its responsible image, strengthening public perception. 

Overall, investing in a kid audience secures F1’s position as a premier in motorsport and inspiring the next generation of drivers and fans, guaranteeing its continuous growth and success in the world of sports and entertainment.


The Hungarian Grand Prix bore witness to the dawn of an extraordinary new chapter in motorsport history, as F1 Juniors made its exhilarating debut. This unprecedented broadcast, thoughtfully tailored to the curiosity and wonder of young viewers, is a resounding triumph for Formula 1. 

By blending cutting-edge technology, vibrant visuals, and the exuberance of youthful hosts, F1 Juniors sets a new standard for engaging sports broadcasts. As the wheels of progress continue to turn, Formula 1 and Sky Group have demonstrated their unwavering dedication to inspiring the next generation of racing enthusiasts. 

Furthermore, F1 Juniors is not just a broadcast; it’s a testament to the sport’s enduring legacy and its unwavering commitment to nurturing a passionate fan base that will drive Formula 1 into an even more thrilling and promising future. So, fasten your seatbelts, young fans, for a thrilling journey awaits you on the racetracks of F1 Juniors!