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The understanding of employee recognition has gone through a drastic change recently.

Until a few years ago, employee recognition just meant bonuses and awards.

But, now, research has degraded both these options.

Research shows that monetary bonuses are not the top reason for employee satisfaction. And, it is more about understanding the specific needs of individuals.

Similarly, research has shown some disturbing results for running awards such as “the employee of the month”. And, in essence, such awards do more harm than good to the overall work environment.

But, in any case, the main sources of employee recognition is not internal anymore. And, this has happened mainly because of social media.

Employee Recognition and Branding

With the increasing involvement of social media for branding in businesses, the meaning of employee recognition has also changed.

Now, recognising the efforts of an individual within an organisation has extended to social sharing.

The simplest example here is customer service on social media. (Gone are the days of talking to Mark from London with an Indian accent).

In fact, I only use Twitter when I need to get support from a company. In some cases, I may be forwarded to a call. But, in most cases, the problems are solved over a couple of tweets.

But, nonetheless, I am always talking to a representative with a real name.

Some companies even go a step further and allow their representatives to let their personalities dictate how they interact with the client issues. If you regularly enjoy the content of a specific rep, you may even build a connection and tweet specifically to a person within a company. And, these reps can have their own connected social media presence with their own profiles.

In more elaborate cases, companies are now more open to the idea of sharing the contributions of their team members on social media. This can be anything from an Instagram post to a short video on Youtube.

And, this has a clear advantage in terms of building a connection with the audience – the intended target market.

Customer Likening Towards Personalities

A recent survey showed that 32% of respondents want brands to showcase personalities on Instagram.

In other words, people are interested in seeing the real side of business; the people that make things happen.

This creates a greater sense of belonging, understanding, and trust.

And, this is not surprising.

People want to be connected with real people, rather than faceless companies. They want to have a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes. And, they want to truly feel like a part of the journey.

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