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Where is the Value?

We all know that high street retail rental costs are a lot higher than something on the side street. This difference in cost is simply because the number of people going to a side street is a mere fraction of high street.

Now, imagine having just your shop on a street. You will be lucky to get any footfall at all. To counter, now add 10 other shops and we have potential. Online marketing is no different.

If you are able to build connections and form a community of parallel businesses, sharing your footfall, you can open the market further for yourself, as well as your community. Together you are a lot more powerful, making the whole ecosystem wealthier.

Collaboration Approach in Email Marketing Campaigns

At Axies Digital, we seek opportunities to build partnerships where we can share resources to form a healthy ecosystem. In this regard, email marketing campaigns are no different.

For instance, gathering email addresses is time consuming. However, at least in a set time, this is one resource that does not diminish if done properly. Specifically, it takes 5 hours for 1 business to collect 30 quality email addresses. But, instead of going at creating email marketing campaigns ourselves, we have got 5 businesses together collaborating, and collectively we have 150 email addresses to share.

The Forward Movement

From here on, once the email marketing campaigns are set, for example on Hubspot, the progress can be easily tracked.

Each of the 5 businesses involved come with their own personalities and approaches. We are able to track the click through rates and actions taken through the email, without moving a finger.

This data, when analysed, will allow our whole community to grow together. And, we intend to bring more businesses into our collective.

Concluding Remarks

Email Marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies.

In addition, email marketing campaigns bring value in the cheapest form and the conversion time to sales is one of the shortest because of its directness.

However, even then, remember that the conversion rate of emails is about 1%, which, based on how you optimise, can be pushed slightly higher.

But, at the end of the day, for higher ticket conversion, your number one route is still building trust.

And, if you want to use email marketing with your existing community, your email marketing needs to look quite different.


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