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In 2016, an article from Business Insider convinced me that a Resume doesn’t need to be longer than one page.

I thought, if this person’s whole career can be summarised on a single piece of paper, so can be mine.

I have just started my career and this man is an idol, not only for people that have an interest in space travel or the next generation of technological innovation in the auto industry – but an idol full stop.

That man was, of course, Elon Musk, the CEO and Product Architect of Tesla, the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, and the Chairman of SolarCity , at the time.

Let’s not forget that Musk is also the ex-CEO of Paypal and the co-founder of Zip2.

If we compile the list now, we will also be adding

  1. Neuralink – A neurotechnology company that wants to integrate the human brain with AI. Musk founded the company in 2016 because, according to DUE, he did not have enough to do. (Elon puts my 12 hour working days to shame).
  2. The Boring Company – which is not boring from any stretch of imagination – the company wants to create underground hyperloops because Musk does not like the traffic in LA. (cos why not). And we all know the flamethrowers made by The Boring Company that sold out within a day.

In short, Elon is a business mastermind. This is not just true in terms of establishing business, but in marketing them too.

To be more specific, Elon Musk is a digital marketing mastermind.

But What About the $20M Fine Recently

Elon Musk was recently hit with a $20M fine for a misleading tweet regarding taking Tesla private at “$420” a piece in August 2018. Elon declared the fine “Worth It”.

Not ending the misery there, he even had to step down from being the chairman of Tesla. Elon now calls himself the Nothing of Tesla.

You and I might think that the $420 price joke went too far. But, if Elon says it’s worth it, let’s analyse it from a Digital Marketing perspective. The guy is usually right.

He is in the News – Elon Musk News

Let’s perform an activity – Google “Elon Musk News”. In my case, the top 10 news articles written about Elon, have all been published within the last 24 hours. I am sure your search results won’t be much different. The headlines are

  1. CNBC MarketsMusk shakes up SpaceX in race to make satellite window launch: Sources
  2. USA TodayTesla electric vehicles will park themselves in 2019, Elon Musk says
  3. TeslaRATI Tesla’s advanced Summon will be ready in ~6 weeks, says Elon Musk
  4. MybroadbandElon Musk fires SpaceX staff
  5. The TimesI am Nothing at Tesla, says Elon Musk
  6. Interesting EngineeringMusk appoints himself as “Nothing of Tesla”
  7. Yahoo Finance – Elon Musk will take on Uber and Lyft to give you another ride – Hailing option
  8. CNBC Markets – Elon Musk buys $10 Million in Tesla shares and plans to purchase $20 Million more next week
  9. Yahoo Finance – Elon Musk buys $10 Million in Tesla stock on the open market
  10. Yahoo Finance – “I am now the Nothing of Tesla”. Elon Musk returns to Twitter to offer his newest theory of corporate governance

(At this point, I am thinking – are “Elon Musk says” and “says Elon Musk” search terms. No – no one searches for them. But “Elon Musk News” has 18,500 searches a month worldwide – 1,900 in the UK alone. I am putting Elon Musk News in the title of this article).

Credit: Keywords Everywhere

And did you notice – CNBC and Yahoo have multiple stories on the same day covering Elon Musk. (It might be someone’s job to specifically write about Musk – what a world we are living in).

And all this, not just because Elon Musk is a towering name in business, it is also because Elon Musk knows how to stay in the news. Simply, he is an expert digital marketer (in his own way).

At Axies Digital we thought, if he is doing so well, we can learn a thing or two from him. So here we go.

1. Musk knows his Target Audience

If you go to a digital marketing agency, they will try to sell their every product and service to you, regardless of your needs and wants.

Oppositely, Musk is active on one platform and one platform only – Twitter. It works for him and even after being slapped with a $20 Million fine for a tweet, he is still there.

I am not suggesting all of you to ditch everything else and stick to Twitter; the platform is on a decline as a whole. But, put an effort into understanding your needs and potential audience.

For Axies Digital, for instance, a high Google standing works in Leicester and Instagram does better than Facebook – so we concentrate on these 2 sides as a business.

Edit – As of May 2019, Facebook has taken over Instagram for us. In other words, it is also important to keep your options open.

We have also cracked the LinkedIn networking code for our business and we are good in taking our connections to the real world, at a personal level.

So, this is all we do – ranking ourselves for Digital Marketing Agency Leicester, posting regularly on Instagram, and connecting with influential business people on LinkedIn and fixing meetings with them. Not selling ourselves, just to establish a trust in our business and services.

For you, the case might be different.

You should have a nice landing page on the website if you go to multiple networking events and distribute your card.

If you have a high pool of friends on Facebook or your target demographic is middle aged and on the mature side, use Facebook posts and ads.

If you want your business to be seen by 100s of people, from the beginning, everyday, to generate sales – use the platform which is the most active at a given time. This will currently be Instagram.

If you want your business to be taken seriously digitally, compete for the top 3 positions in your niche through SEO. Talking of niching, this takes us to the next point.

2. Elon’s Business Approach is not Random

With all these new businesses launched by Elon, you may think that he is doing all this randomly. The answer is a resounding NO.

He only goes for topics he can create a buzz for.

Neuralink – neurotechnology – connecting human brains with AI – controversial – intriguing.

The Boring Company – title on point – selling flamethrowers and creating hyperloops – who won’t be interested!

SpaceX – let’s send people to Mars – Space travel in itself is interesting, let’s push it for people to the next level – Mars.

He will only sell what matches his brand. So –

3. Elon Musk is a Brand

At this point, what do you expect from Elon Musk. Crazy, exciting, out of this world (literally) ideas. He is taking on the norm in various sectors with his resources, not bogged down by anything, becoming a name everyone knows.

This is the making of a Brand – the Elon Musk brand.

Now, people don’t even remember, or know in the first place, that Musk was a CEO of Paypal – a novel, exciting idea at the time. But, we did not know Elon Musk as the Elon Musk of today.

He built up from his initial project and he reached this point, by creating an image, by giving his businesses a meaning – without uttering a single word about that image that he wanted to himself.

Instead, he demonstrate what he stands for. (I am struggling to put it in words, but I just feel like I know it. That is the power of the Elon Musk brand now).

He is still quite vocal though – indirectly.

4. Elon Musk is Vocal

It seems that nothing can stop Musk from tweeting. Not the $20 Million fine. Not being trolled when asking the internet for Dank Memes.

He will keep pushing his brand.

Keep tweeting.

Keep taking bold steps.

So, if you believe in your brand and you keep trying and refining it, you will keep improving your business.

Understand that Digital Marketing strategies do not click from Day 1 – generally – just put your head down and keep working towards it.

We can translate the bold steps of Elon Musk into diversification too.

5. The Diversification Approach

Elon Musk could have stuck to financial systems after the success of Paypal. You and I would not have blamed him if he had done so. We all know, there is a lot of money in the financial sector.

But, Elon went on and applied his understanding of technology to a million other ideas.

Is he richer now? Yes.

Is he more popular now? Yes

Is it easier for him to get funding now? Yes

At this point, Elon can start any business and investors will be willing to throw their money at it.

Why? Because he has a track record now in a wider sector.

But, there is always a connecting point between his businesses – Technological Innovation.

So, he knows how to connect the businesses. He knows what will work for him.

He knows how to diversify and spread his time – and finances.

Concluding Remarks

This is not the end for Elon Musk.

You and I have far more to learn from him. Keep translating his approaches to your business – the way we did it for Digital Marketing.

The $20 Million Fine is a small blip – a blip that got him even more coverage. We basically expect this kind of stuff from him now.

You know what, go deeper and take the point of learning as a given. You can always improve your business. Keep doing that and you will never go out of business. (No robots will replace you).

To learn more, get in touch today.