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Humans are the champions of doing unnecessary things.

I was recently reading about why do we eat when we are not hungry, even when we know it is unhealthy. (Obesity, heart disease, abdominal pain and all those great things). I am going to connect this phenomenon with business, but let me provide some context first.

Why do We Eat When We are Not Hungry?

Can we just reduce overeating to being a bad habit? That will be an oversimplification in my opinion.

But the interesting thing is, the bad habit theory might be right. The neurological system that controls our habits also handles our eating habits – ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

It is important here to understand how habits work.

Human brain is quite steady – as in it likes consistency of action and reaction. As a result, when we consistently perform a task; leading to an anticipated event; the human brain releases a sense of pleasure to encourage us further.

And this consistent performance of a task is simply called a habit – and we start doing things instinctively.

My favourite example of this is associating popcorn with movies. Most of the time you don’t really need to eat, and if you needed to eat, popcorn is not the answer anyways. But, the moment you want to watch a movie, your brain associates it with popcorn.

The good part is, you will rarely eat a second whole pack of popcorn. Your brain still has some sense to say, “that was enough”.

This does not mean that you cannot control the urge in the first place.

Driving on a new route is a good example of this.

If you have been driving for a long time, the skill comes naturally to you. But, still, when you are on a new route, you become more aware of the situation and take new steps.

The same principle can be applied to eating too. If you figure out why are you eating unnecessarily, you become more conscious of the situation. (The fight against this consciousness is then a personal war. I will let you fight it yourself).

And, this is no different from business.

Sense of Control in Business

When you are too close to a task, doing it consistently becomes a habit.

This means that it is harder to let go.

But, the reality is, when your business transforms, you need to consciously think of what is necessary and what is simply a time waster at a given time. You are not supposed to be doing it all, and you cannot do it all.

Our Value for Your Business

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