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We are not in the business of convincing people to buy our services. However, we want people to buy into us. 

And, as part of the said process, it is important to clarify recurring queries.

One such query is regarding driving sales through social media. And, my simple answer to trying to drive sales through social media is look elsewhere. 

In short, social media is not a ‘direct’ driver of sales.

The Long Game

We have been talking about the indirectness of life and therefore, business, since our first blog – Digital Marketing for Tradesmen.

Then we went more explicit when talking about ‘how to increase sales?’ and gave the example of how just having a job doesn’t mean you will have a boiler at home. In short, you need to take multiple steps in the middle to achieve a result. And, making a sale through social media is no different.

So, in the case of social media, unless you are selling low value products online, driving sales through social media is a long term game. 

Therefore, social media is your platform to do something bigger. But, this step is still important to ultimately make that sale.

Brand Selling through Social Media

Let’s clarify one thing from the start – social media is not a sales platform. (If you did not already know this).

Not just social media, if you are a high-value service-based business, even Google is not a sales platform. (We talk more about sales through Google here).

However, social media plays a major role towards making that sale, if you play your cards right.

Put simply, social media is your platform to sell your brand instead of your services. 

Developing Your Brand

How you develop your brand is a different question altogether that requires a deeper understanding of your business and situation.

In retrospect, there is no short, direct answer to this question but you must start somewhere.

To get some help here, simply search “developing a brand” using the search feature on our site. Some of the examples you will find on our website include:

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Keep in mind that your decisions in terms of social media usage must answer the following questions:

  1. What is the optimal method to building your brand? For example, if are doing something around food, pushing to develop a community might help. 
  2. What are your target audience’s interests? Your community is more likely to take interest in you if you are saying things of their interest – as simple as that.
  3. What tone do you need to adopt to talk to your audience? Put simply, the language you should be using must take into account what clicks with your audience before they make that click.
  4. How will you engage your audience? And, when we say engage, it doesn’t just mean comments and likes. Overall, the engagement needs to reach a point of personal contact in a professional capacity.
  5. And, leading from the 4 questions above, what platforms will work for you? There is little value in being everywhere. In reality, if you are talking to everyone, you are not talking to anyone.

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