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Donald J Trump is an interesting character.

Interestingly good or interestingly bad is a different discussion altogether. I will let you be the judge of that.

The 45th President of the United States, and a business and TV personality, Trump holds and has held the promotion stage for quite some time now. We thought, let’s imagine him as a Digital Marketer.

But, Why

Well, what is Digital Marketing, if not the online version of constructing a brand and selling it?

Donald J Trump is definitely good in promoting ideas. Again, good or bad is your judgement.

And, he makes people talk about the decisions. He is doing some things right – definitely.

In any case, I don’t really need deeper reasons.

Not many people know this, but my doctorate is in Futurology – the study of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures. And, sometimes, I like to have fun.

So, let’s draw an alternate future (or even reality) where Donald J Trump is a digital marketer.

1. Trump has Business Experience

I have one recurring problem with digital marketers – Most of them have no business background and only know the creative bits.

But, for a business to succeed, there has to be a balance between the creative and the technical.

Trump began his career helping his father with the real estate business.

10 years later, Trump was the president of the company and even bought 50% of Commodore Hotel. (Now called the Grand Hyatt New York).

From there, he expanded to estate in Palm Beach, and even casinos and golf courses around the world. So, he knows how to expand his business and diversify.

If Trump had become a digital marketer, he would have come with considerable business development experience. This would have allowed him to understand what other businesses should be doing – a key element of being a Digital Marketer.

2. Donald J. Trump is a Recognised Brand

There is a long list of businesses named after Trump.

The list doesn’t even confine to businesses started by Trump himself. In fact, other businesses have branded their services after him.

You can check the list of things names after Donald Trump here.

In terms of Digital Marketing, there are very few brands that people would like to be associated with. The only names I can think of are RD and Gary Vee that are constantly active as digital marketers and hold the status of a brand.

With Donald J. Trump as a digital marketer, a flurry of businesses would like to be associated with him. Not a bad place to be in as a digital marketer.

This also means that Trump, the digital marketer, would not have been available for any small projects. You would have needed to be able to fork out the appropriate amount of money to be able to buy his time.

3. Trump University

How many of you knew that Trump has a university too?

A university that provides real estate training.

(There are quite a few issues with the Trump University, including its claim to be a university. But, we will keep these issues aside for now).

If we translate that into Digital Marketing, I am not suggesting that Trump University will be teaching individuals digital marketing – that will be counter productive to doing business.

But, he could be teaching businesses the basis of digital marketing to start on the journey themselves, before coming back to the agency for more complicated stuff, requiring experts.

Not a bad system for increasing the awareness towards digital marketing, while also a source of expressing credibility in the craft.

4. Trump is Active on Social Media

A major part of being a digital marketing expert is regular activity on Social Media.

(I feel like I am repeating what I said for Elon Musk in one of the previous articles, you can read that blog here. The similarities don’t even end there. I am not implying they are completely similar though. Let’s put that possible-implication-denial out there before people are offended).

Donald J. Trump is quite active on Twitter. Someone should take away his phone. But, well, he is active on social media and it helps with digital marketing.

As a digital marketer, this level of following is definitely a positive on the social media front.

His marketing agency might just focus on branding and social media at this stage. Niche enough.

5. He Knows How to Make a Come Back

Did you know that Trump’s company has been sued at least 489 times?

This number is apart from the total of over 3,500 lawsuits. (He actually brags about winning most of the cases).

Moreover, as of April 2018, according to USA today, Trump and his businesses have faced over 4,000 legal actions at state and national level.

He even came close to personal bankruptcy in the 1990s. He was one missed payment away according to New York Times.

This is separate from the (at least) 6 business bankruptcies of Trump.

But, all of this is not a negative thing, given the state of Trump today. In short, he is successful.

In other words, he knows how to come back. He knows how to keep going. (Again, whether it is good or bad is your call).

Such an attitude is golden in Digital Marketing.

Things don’t just happen in digital marketing, you need to keep building towards greater things. Otherwise, you will be caught up and left behind by the next team.

Concluding Remarks

I have kept the article away from Trump’s religious beliefs, his stand on abortion, the working conditions in his organisation, cases of sexual abuse, association with the Miss Universe competition, or racial views.

They are for you to judge and put a verdict on. (Sometimes it’s hard to stay away from controversies).

But, the false statements will have to be controlled as a digital marketer. You cannot make a claim in digital marketing that you can’t back with data.

You should not be making false claims in general. But, with digital marketing, your voice is literally on the medium that connects the world.

A single false statement and your reputation will end up in the gutter. So, let’s not do that.

So, Where Does Axies Digital Stand on All These Points

Let’s run the checklist.

  1. Business Experience – Instead of me making big claims.
  2. Recognised Brand – You will be happy to know that this was our goal from day 1. We have a clearly defined niche – Digital Psychology and keeping up with the trends. And our brand is trust in our services – Customers know exactly what they are paying for.
  3. Business Development – We run regular events, where start-ups are taught about doing their own digital marketing. You can book yourself on any of them and all these events are funded, so you don’t pay anything. The events are available here.
  4. Activity on Social Media – We are active on Instagram and Facebook. Check us out.
  5. Comebacks.

Here we go. Did you ever think you will read an article on Donald J. Trump in an alternate reality where he is a digital marketer. Well, now you have.

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