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Digital Marketing does not need to be expensive.

To start off, you need to cover just a few basics.

In this blog, we are sharing 5 strategies to market your business if you’re on a low budget.

We have kept in mind to choose strategies that work for most.

Keep in mind, if you are just starting, we recommend you focus on 1 and build up as your skill level develops. (1 strong  strategy is better than lots of watered methods).

1. Use pay per click (PPC) on your social campaigns

It is possible to pay little and get lots of views in comparison to the traditional techniques such as leaflets.

PPC is value for money – You only pay when someone is interested. Its £0 when there are no clicks – What a perfect balance!

We understand it will be scary the first time. But, there are many many resources you can learn from. Try YouTube videos or simply ask us and we will clear the basics with you.

2. Targeted blog posts

Create content and solves an issue for your customers.

This post has been targeted at businesses that are starting to consider doing digital marketing themselves. (DIY digital marketing – We love you too!).

It’s important to target and be of help.

And, quality over quantity!

To learn more, see what Neil Patel Says here

3. Be visual

People, and social media platforms, prefer visual content.

For instance, Facebook now favours videos. So, use the tools that your customers connect with best.

Most phones have decent cameras. So, you don’t need to go on a shopping spree as though you are shooting Fast & Furious 20. We take our images with a Samsung S9+. And, they come out quite professional.

4. Unleash the power of influencers

It’s not what you know but who you know.

Want to know the secret of growing? Connect with influencers and get them on board to spread your message. And, the influencer does not need to have a million followers on Instagram. If all you need is a connected unit, an account with close family and friends can do the trick. You just need to be clear about what you are looking for.

In return, you will get more credibility.

Thinking you don’t know many or any?

Unless you’ve not been living in a cave, we bet that you have influencers buried waiting to pop out on your doorstep. Negotiating a mutual benefiting deal will be your next step.

5. How do you know what’s working?

Digital marketing isn’t superior just because its cheaper per person. Its because you can track your results.

Unlike a TV advert or a billboard on a busy road, you see clearly what’s working with Digital marketing.

It’s not fun tracking and analysing but it is cool to scale the strategies that work to get results!

Want more tips on strategy – watch here

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