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The idea for this blog comes from a recent article on Financial Times by Tom Braithwate. You can read the original article here.


In a previous article, we talked about the declining reputation of Facebook.

However, in the face of the said decline, Facebook, as a company, is still financially successful and growing. Therefore, in the article, we questioned the whole notion of how we measure success in business.

Is there a different-success?

The said story of bad reputation but good business has an opposite side too – good reputation but bad business.

And, our opinion on good reputation but bad business is slightly harsher in comparison. 

What is a Successful Company to You

We have asked multiple versions of this question from people.

Recently, we asked a Leicester Tigers player if success to him meant winning the league or just being well supported by fans. The player in question had no hesitation in saying winning the league means success.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of examples too. For instance, Liverpool in football.

At a trophy level, success has been scarce in recent years. However, at a support and financial level, the club has continuously been successful.

But, there are very few people that pick a suitable, middle ground for success. 

Real success is a combination of both sides. The bottom-line and abstract measures of success are closely important.

Success and Team Building

Team building is now being seen as the greatest ingredient to business success.

In fact, we have covered the topic multiple times too. For instance:

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However, in the FT article mentioned earlier, there are companies that are doing great at a team building level. Excellent morals, happy teams. However, the said businesses are on a decline.

Put simply, if employee-centricity does not lead to a great bottom-line, the story will not go far. 

Different Success

Possibly, the essence of work is missing here altogether. 

An employee-centricity is based on keeping the humans within the organisation happy, so the humans can perform to the best of their capabilities and help grow the business. So, if the business is not growing, or even being steady, the business is not truly successful, no matter how happy the people are.

And, if a company tries to sell this to you as a success; if they define their success entirely on the basis of parameters that just suit them; usually in the name of being different, the company is no better than a slowly dying organisation. Nothing else.

Such success is not just a different success. It is wishful thinking in the long term.

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