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90% of all businesses fail.

But, the ones who adapt and learn alongside, go onto do great things.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Indi Deol of DESIblitz – a well-known online magazine based in Birmingham that receives over 300,000 unique visitors every month.

In this article we will share 3 key tips of Indi to stay in business for the long run.

The Beginnings

Indi studied fashion design at college and university, but failed to see a job fit for his ambitions. Interestingly, we have made a video on this topic now, that you can check below:

Luckily, this was the 2000s and things were starting to change.

Indi heard about the potential of revenue from affiliate marketing. Here, best of all, a technical background was not needed, which was important because he did not have a digital background. With persistence and commitment, he learnt how to make websites and spent time on understanding business graphic design requirements.

His first digital magazine was in line with the UK demand and evolving tendencies. It’s only recently that newspapers have reduced their prints to convert to digital; showing that Indi was well ahead of the times.

He transformed his digital skills into a new industry – a digital magazine.

The Competition

There were a number of Asian magazine publishers at the time Indi started.

However, most of them failed to put forward quality and credible information online while maintaining people’s interest. Indi learnt from the situation and decided to take some drastic measures.

He avoided the negative forms of journalism and stayed away from two main areas:

Politics and Religion

Even though such topics are highly clickable, DESIblitz has stayed out of trouble to defining what not to do.

The Positive Contributions

Indi has also used DESIblitz for a greater good in the South Asian community.

West Midlands police have struggled to attract ethnic minority officers into positions. Now, they are using direct channels to market through DESIblitz.

For West Midlands police, DESIblitz offers a stronger marketing tool by directly delivering a message to their relevant audience. Indi, therefore, suggests that his adverts are more effective than even Facebook when targeting the Asian community because he has 300,000 mostly in the targeted domain.

The 3 Tips

Finally, here are Indi’s three tips for success.

1) Think long term.

2) Be true to your passion and execute at a high standard

3) Stay humble and try and help others during your journey

Simple, yet effective. We will see you again tomorrow.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]