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London is at the heart of the UK economy.

Connected to the world through 4 major airports, most sectors, that required a physical touch, have come to a halt in London. Some hit worse than others, hospitality comes to mind first, the business landscape of London looks drastically different today.

On the other hand, even if based in London, business services are still operating, especially in cases where the whole business can be operated through a laptop.

Such is the case with our SEO Agency London services, which were being operated from Leicester in the first place, as it doesn’t take that long to make a quick jump towards London from here. So, even before the current challenges, we have been maintaining relationships with businesses in London, without being physically there.

Here’s what we have learnt.

Industry-Specific Importance of Digital Presence

Marketing strategies have evolved continuously for the past decade or so.

Flyers and billboards, even though around today, have largely been replaced by digital technologies. Such is the extent of digital technologies in our day to day life that it is predicted that the coming generations will rely less and less on physical interactions to build those meaningful relationships that form the backbone of any business. Even today, most relationships start in the digital world, with a push for physical interactions at a later stage.

As a result, the demand for our digital marketing, and especially SEO and LinkedIn, services has amplified.

However, we will add that, in the current business landscape, the digital options are not fit for all. (In any case, we don’t like to oversell ourselves).

In particular, as a successful business, if you are expected to be on the high street, chances are that digital relationships will be a secondary priority. Everything else can benefit from having a strong digital presence.

As things stand however, during the lockdown, a digital presence is of paramount importance to every business, and something to think about for the long term success of your business.

Time to Explore and Integrate

We are in no way suggesting that our services are business life savers.

In fact, we believe that it is time to explore. (For instance, we have upgraded our data tracking in the last few days to shape our services better for the future).

Even at a smaller scale, we have brought video calling into our network, which has actually helped us grow a community of like-minded, value sharing business decision makers. Check more on the Volta Blue LinkedIn page. And, the way things are going, video calling may become the norm over time.

And, if you think about it, given how much time is saved through networking digitally, this option may stick around. That is why, business giants like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are investing heavily in their video calling abilities and the services around them.

In any case, you cannot shy away from digitalisation because that’s what the current and next generation of business leaders expect. In the future, physical interactions won’t vanish. However, the effort to go out and meet will demand a stronger bond to justify the action.

Delivering Services & Demonstrating Value

In all the talk of change, one point remains constant: you still need to demonstrate the value of your services.

So, even if you are working remotely, you need to stay in touch and communicate with your clients and target audience.

Again, you can either schedule regular meetings, or, perhaps more importantly, provide a form of tracking. Again, digital technologies have made great leaps in this area, with multiple options available, e.g. Trello, Slack, or even Monday.com. (An old fashioned spreadsheet also works to be fair, depending on who you are dealing with).


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