In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of technology, it’s not often you come across a director of a technology company who for one doesn’t have a deep technical background, and two, who also takes pride in his non-technical persona. 

Yet, here we have Craig Pearson, the Director of Your IT Department, a tech company based in the United Kingdom, who is one such individual. 

The company he works with is responsible for keeping over 100 businesses and 2,200 IT end users operating optimally, securely, and efficiently through top-notch Managed IT Support services. 

Despite not being a technical wizard, Craig has successfully navigated the complex IT landscape and along with his team have made some remarkable achievements.

A Diverse Portfolio

Your IT Department is known for its comprehensive support services, covering everything from printers and software to hardware troubleshooting, telecoms – including phones and VOIP, and Microsoft PCs. 

What’s more, they cater to smaller scale businesses with employee counts ranging from 15 to 85, with a particular focus on industries like law firms and accounting firms. This is generally due to these businesses often having a higher reliance on IT systems, making them ideal clients for Craig’s company.

Diversity as a Strength

When asked to share some insights, Craig expressed that he believes in the power of diversity. Unlike some tech companies that specialise exclusively in one industry, Your IT Department thrives on serving a wide range of sectors. 

This diversification strategy ensures that they are not overly dependent on the fortunes of a single industry. For example, if all their clients were in the hospitality sector, a downturn in that industry could spell disaster, therefore, by diversifying their client base, they remain agile and resilient.

Proactive Problem Solving

One of the key principles Craig adheres to is to be proactive about IT support. Instead of waiting for issues to arise and then providing a quick fix for them, he and his team aim to prevent further problems from taking place. 

This approach is in stark contrast to the traditional “break-fix” model, where IT companies are paid by the hour to resolve issues as they come up. Craig pointed out that this reactive approach can sometimes lead to short-term fixes and recurring problems. For instance, if a computer is running slow, a quick cleanup might provide temporary relief, but it won’t address the underlying issue. 

Therefore, by instead focusing on long-term solutions, like expanding storage to improve performance, Your IT Department aims to save their clients time, money, and potential on-going frustration.

The Rise of Remote Solutions

Craig highlighted the significant shift in the IT support landscape, where 98% of technological problems are now resolved remotely. 

This transformation has changed and also revolutionised the industry, offering efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reduced downtime. 

Furthermore, they have found that clients appreciate the convenience of having remote support.

Why Clients Choose Your IT Department

When asked why clients, both individuals and businesses, typically switch to Your IT Department, Craig shared that it is generally for one of two reasons. They might feel their current IT provider is stretched too thin, leaving them overwhelmed and unable to handle client’s needs properly, leading to inadequate support. 

On the flip side, he shared that some clients switched because their previous IT provider was too large, and they felt like just another face in the crowd, not getting the attention they needed. 

But as a response to this, Craig and his team have got the balance just right, they make sure their customers feel like they are getting all the attention and support that they require.

Effective Marketing Strategies

When it comes to marketing, Craig emphasised three ways that he felt are valuable and necessary. Firstly, is the power of speaking engagements at various events, as these opportunities allow his company to showcase its services and values to a wider audience. 

Secondly, Craig gave insight that word of mouth and recommendations for his company from previously satisfied clients are also invaluable, and finally, he added that networking, building relationships, and establishing trust within the industry play a crucial role in their marketing efforts, and business success.

Human-Centric Culture and Adapting to Technological Advances

In a tech-centric industry, with a seemingly constant use of screens and gadgets, both professionally and personally, Craig still believes in highlighting the human element within his team. 

Craig emphasised that Your IT Department Ltd isn’t just about circuits and codes; it’s a family that nurtures a vibrant team culture, that encourages team members to express their personalities and be themselves. 

Furthermore, he stated that it’s important that we should all never forget that in a world buzzing with tech, innovation and constant advancements, the human connection is still what truly matters, as it’s people that make everything happen.

Craig also shared insights into how Your IT Department stays ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape. They invest in continuous training and development for their team to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. 

Moreover, it’s this kind of commitment to staying at the cutting edge of IT that ensures that he, his team and the company can provide the best solutions to their clients.

In Conclusion

As the time spent with Craig comes to an end, we’re left with more than just mere insights. 

His overall approach, coupled with a team that marries tech prowess and a people-first attitude, paints a picture of a promising future, further proving that technical expertise is not the sole requirement for success in the tech industry.

What’s more, in a world where the spotlight is ever increasingly on technology, Craig reminds us to shine it on the folks who make the magic happen – the ones who blend technology brilliance with a personal touch.