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There is not a single defined method to growing a business. But, it is better to get information from the source, rather than juggle for scraps.

Axies Digital does not believe in recycling information from YouTube or Google. We go direct to practitioners, who are living their strategy. Our mission is to align the correct strategy, not just limited to digital marketing.

Click Lettings – Tony Lune

Harmeet of Axies Digital had the pleasure of meeting Tony Lune of Click Lettings. Sales and networking are Tony’s specialisms to growth.

With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Tony is prepared to go the extra mile delivering his word. His branding stands for a no nonsense approach. And, he acknowledges the sources of his learning as first hand experiences.

First Hand Learning

Tony is fortunate to have worked with large property developers, giving him an in-depth understanding of what landlords want from a letting agents. He has found that a high percentage of letting agents are sloppy and not prepared to go out of the patch. On the other hand, Tony is not shy to get up and get things done.

For instance, Tony has even travelled from Birmingham to Liverpool when he was informed that a local property agent was struggling to let a home – he showed how it was done.

Long Term Business Vision & Implementation

Tony’s vision is to be in the industry for the long term and believes that weak opposition will go bankrupt after the recent tenant fee change announcement. Because Tony is flexible, he is able to tailor his services to the market. His competition, oppositely, has accommodated huge loads of debt, destabilising their business.

When asked for tips, especially for young entrepreneurs, Tony keeps it simple. If you are looking to grow your business, develop your product to a level where you can truly believe in it. Everything afterwards is persistence and the ability to display that confidence by getting out there.

Tony advocates in collaborating with and utilising local agents when properties are a distance from him. Then, he deploys all possible advertising opportunities to rent out a property quicker than other agents, targeting professional and reliable tenants only.

Leadership is about showing the courage to do the right thing. And, Tony does that on a daily basis.

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