Cathedral City is set to make a significant return to television screens with its new multimillion-pound ‘City’ campaign. 

This ambitious marketing initiative aims to showcase how Cathedral City cheese can elevate everyday meal occasions, bringing a touch of indulgence and comfort to family favourites. 

Running throughout May, June, and July, the adverts will be featured across national TV slots and social media platforms.

A Delicious Creative Vision

The creative core of the campaign centres around mouth-watering food made with Cathedral City cheese. Iconic dishes, such as a heaped cheesy jacket potato and a classic cheese toastie, take the spotlight, emphasising the versatility and appeal of the brand. 

The campaign aims to transport viewers to a tempting ‘City’ of flavour and comfort. By illustrating these delectable scenarios, Cathedral City hopes to inspire consumers to reimagine their everyday meals.

Immersive and Tempting Campaign

Cathedral City’s senior brand manager elaborated on the campaign’s vision, explaining that it will immerse audiences in the joy that Cathedral City cheese brings to popular meal occasions. 

From ‘Oooze City’ to ‘Food Envy City’, the adverts highlight how cheese can be the hero ingredient in hearty favourites, like lunchtime jacket potatoes, toasties, and pasta bakes. 

What’s more, they went on to add that the campaign encourages consumers to explore other various cheese-filled possibilities, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences.

Extensive Reach and Investment

Supported by a substantial £2.5 million investment, the campaign will have a broad reach, running across prominent TV channels, such as ITV, Channel 4, and Sky. It will also feature on digital TV services, like ITVX and Amazon, ensuring that the adverts capture a wide and diverse audience. 

Additionally, the campaign will have a strong presence on social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, tapping into the digital habits of modern consumers.

The strategic deployment across multiple media outlets is designed to maximise exposure, with the campaign expected to reach an estimated 15.4 million UK households. Specifically targeting 83% of family households, Cathedral City aims to make a significant impact by the end of the campaign on July 7. 

Furthermore, the brand is confident that this extensive outreach will persuade audiences to choose Cathedral City cheese to elevate their meals.


Cathedral City’s new ‘City’ campaign is a bold and delicious invitation to elevate everyday meals with their beloved cheese. 

By showcasing irresistible cheesy dishes and creating an immersive experience around comfort and flavour, Cathedral City hopes to entice consumers to make their cheese the star of their favourite dishes. 

With its extensive reach and significant investment, this campaign is poised to make a lasting impression on households across the United Kingdom

By doing so, Cathedral City aims to reaffirm its position as a staple in kitchens, enhancing meal occasions with the delightful taste of their cheese.