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I rarely write a blog based on a single book. News articles yes, books not.

And, there is a simple reason for it.

Most books try to bring in a million different ideas. And, most of the time, the final product draws divided opinions. On the other hand, good articles stick to a single idea and elaborate over it. (Emphasis on “good articles”)

But, then a book comes along that elaborates nicely on a single idea. A single idea, that is simple and strong at the same time. Such books don’t try to impress you from the word go. But rather, build an argument that you can get on board with.

Business Orientations

Most people have a personal inclination in business.

People are either heavily technical and strategic, or creativity driven. At a micro level, there is little harm in being this way. If most people are oriented in a specific manner, going with the curve is not the worst idea ever.

But, if everyone is stuck on extremes, everyone is missing out on their potential. We always need balanced solutions in life.

Reality of Business

The reality is, for a business to succeed in the long term, you need both the creative and the strategic side to work together.

The strategic side provides the direction while the creative generates attraction for your business. And, you simply need both. You business needs to solve a perceived issue, while also working on it’s visibility.

At a higher level, by doing so, you bring in the human and the effectiveness measures as close as possible.

Brand Gap

Marty Neumeier calls the distance between the strategic and the creative side of business the “Brand Gap”. And, logically, the lesser the gap between the strategic and the creative side of business, the better it is in the long term.

And, this principle is true for most things in life. You need to bring in intuition, creativity, and practicality as a mix to solve problems.

The idea, in itself, is so simple; yet overlooked by most.

So, I am inviting you to put a conscious effort to close your brand gap. And, if you need help in doing so, get in touch today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]