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How do you leverage your brand?

Do you use it to make a quick sale or do you inspire to build a relationship with your customers? And, not forgetting, are you taking your team on the journey?

Every brand has a story.

And no, it is not describing how hard working you are. Or how you put customers at the number one.

Because businesses have been saying that for centuries and have said it so often that it has lost its value. Times are changing.

Developing Brand Communities

We find today that brands such as Airbnb, iTunes, Netflix or maybe Innocent Smoothies build a fan club very quickly because they connect the community with what they stand for. They take their fans on a journey, making it personal.

How you can do it for your business? We talk about exactly this in our video below:

Therefore, Axies Digital believes that individuals are more willing to join a brand when the journey is enjoyable. It is ok to go against the grain, stand up for what you believe in. There is no harm in doing things in a different way, as long as you can make an argument for it. I have a personal story connected with doing things a different way.

Turkey Twizzlers were taken away from me whilst I was Midway through secondary school. Given my love for the delight, I wasn’t the most pleased. However in hindsight , thanks Jamie Oliver, you’ve done a splendid job.

Let’s look at another example of doing things differently.

Marvel’s Humane Storytelling

Marvel is a great storyteller. Learning from Marvel,

  1. Your brand plots must have a connection to the main characters.
  2. There must be a challenge
  3. And with every obstacle comes a villain.
  4. But, lay down your weaknesses,
  5. Your favourite superhero is pushed to the limits, falls down on their knees, and then makes a come back and wins.

At a human level, we feel more connected with the character because it has both positive and negative features. We talk more about this in another blog that you can read here.

Axies Digital Transformation

At Axies Digital, you may have seen the transformation of our website. Simply, our website is developing continuously. Why?

Because, at our core, we believe that before delivering for our clients, we should be delivering for ourselves. And, in order to deliver for ourselves, we need to keep experimenting and learning, which comes with its own challenges. Instead of shying away and presenting a squeaky clean image, we talk about these challenges.

For example, because we offer SEO services to clients, we won’t be doing a good job if we weren’t ranking ourselves. After months of experimenting and trying, we are on page one across 6 UK cities – Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, and London. So, the results speak for themselves when we are selling to potential clients.

This doesn’t mean that we have cracked the code on everything in digital marketing. We are still working to improve the visuals of our website to take it nearer to a perfect state where we are happy. And, for that, the rabbit is out of the hat. The visuals are constantly improving.

But, this will not be the last challenge. Knowing us, we will keep developing our products and keep moving away from our competition. We suggest staying in touch to keep up with our journey.

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