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Let me ask you a direct question. What did branding look like before the world of websites or even colour TVs?

The simple answer is that branding still existed but it was not confined to colours and design.

It is for this very reason Axies Digital does not believe that branding and design are just the visuals because the concept of perception coincides with the time of judgement. Let’s elaborate.

Beauty Without Brains

Imagine landing on a beautiful website with no demonstration of business understanding. Because you are a serious business, even though you may have been impressed by the earlier bit of visuals, the rest goes down the drain. It’s simply a case of beauty without brains.

And, this is a big problem with digital marketing.

So Called Branding Experts

Most of the people that claim to be brand developers are simply designers. This is our conclusion after meeting 10s of branding experts that turned about to be solely the creative types.

Because web design is a diluted field with high levels of competition, it is “sexier” to call yourself a branding “expert”. (Two digs in the same sentence – wow).

The worst part is, they call the mere act of making beautiful imagery branding – an utter waste of effort and a lack of business understanding to the nth degree.

Let’s compare this to other examples around us.

The Community Culture in Religion

We generally don’t talk about religion. But, it provides a good example here.

Every religion has a sense of feeling that imparts values and what it stands for as a community. This is possibly one of the biggest reasons people feel comfortable being part of a religion – you start becoming a part of this community that thinks like you.

So, if we break it down to the perception and attachments of values, the best branding is when a community, or even an individual, can communicate its message for what it is without having the need to utter is.

Our Experience of Visual Branding

We are living in an era where we have all these beautiful tools in hand to deliver our message. As they say, “a picture tells a thousand words”. Well, we hope that your business imagery and the graphics has a message because it will be a waste of space if it is just pretty.

At Axies Digital, we have spent, probably, a total of 6 months on initial logo and design because during our baby stages we were discovering our personality.

Of course we will ironing about the teams as they inhale the business and values for what we stand for. Our belief gravitates in the direction of creating a persona that matches the values.

Your Feedback and the Future Ahead

We welcome your feedback on what and how you perceive Axies Digital. At the current point, our design is functional and our intake is professional business.

Once we have matured through the interaction process, we will invest hugely on a professional graphic designer to capture our ethos through digital means. But, until then, it is important to create a brand like the good old days from personal relationships.

In the days when there was no digital or even paper for that matter, an entrepreneur’s word was what the business stood for. Because business was done locally, any unethical practice and poor credibility would spread like a fire. (We now have businesses that fight online reviews).

In any case, the obligation of credibility has always stayed consistent for those in business for the long run. As described in a previous blog businesses who are here for the long term need to express their brand and this is what we are doing in this blog.

Summary – Brand Assets

In short, your brand assets are not confined to visuals only – it is merely a part of the bigger picture. Your brand assets define the whole picture – the whole message – without uttering a single word directly about the deeper establishment of what you stand for.

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