Amazon announced at its UnBoxed 2022 conference (Oct. 26) that it is adding video advertising to its self-service Sponsored Display program and expanding a public beta for Video Builder, which provides brands with customisable templates when developing video campaigns.

With video Sponsored Display, small and mid-sized businesses can now create informative videos that run on Amazon and other platforms simultaneously. The solution enables advertisers to produce assets such as tutorials and demos that are visually appealing and capture the viewer’s attention.

According to Amazon, Wyzowl’s research shows that 73% of consumers prefer learning about products and services through video.

Why is Amazon Entering Video Marketing?

Amazon is entering the video marketing solutions market because it recognises that video is an increasingly important part of the customer journey. More and more consumers are watching videos online, and they are frequently turning to videos to learn about new products and services 

By offering video advertising and Video Builder, Amazon is making it easier for small and mid-sized businesses to create engaging video content. This will help businesses reach more consumers and drive sales.

Over the years, Amazon has dived increasingly deeper into video content in its own marketing strategy. Even in general, with Amazon Prime Video, the company has produced a number of popular shows, including The Grand Tour, The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, and Bosch. Amazon is also a major player in the sports streaming market, with the rights to Thursday Night Football and Premier League football.

As things stand, Amazon now stands as the 3rd biggest advertising player in the market, sitting just behind Google and Facebook.

The ecommerce giant has continued to grow its advertising business in recent years, and this move into video marketing solutions is likely to help it maintain that momentum.

Is There A Strategic Change Happening at Amazon?

This move can also be seen as part of a strategic change happening at Amazon. The company has been increasingly focused on advertising in recent years, and this is one area where it has been able to compete with the likes of Google and Facebook.

While Amazon has always had a strong focus on selling products, it seems that the company is now turning its attention to becoming an advertising platform as well. This is a logical move, given that Amazon has a huge amount of data on consumer behaviour, and it also has a large audience that it can reach through its various properties.

What Does This Mean for Marketers?

This is good news for marketers who are looking to reach consumers through video. Amazon’s entry into this market will make it easier for businesses of all sizes to create and distribute video content. This will help businesses reach more consumers and drive sales.

Amazon’s Video Builder tool will be particularly useful for small businesses that may not have the resources to produce high-quality video content on their own.

Overall, this is a positive development for marketers who are looking to reach consumers through video. Amazon’s entry into the market will make it easier for businesses to create and distribute engaging video content.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Video Advertising?

There are several benefits of Amazon video advertising: 

  • Video is an effective way to capture attention and communicate information 
  • Video ads can be targeted to specific audiences, which can help businesses reach their target consumers more effectively
  • Video ads can be run on Amazon and other platforms simultaneously, which gives businesses greater exposure 
  • The public beta for Video Builder provides businesses with customisable templates, making it easier to create videos

What are the Potential Challenges of Amazon Video Advertising?

As with any new marketing solution, there are potential challenges that businesses should be aware of when considering Amazon video advertising 

  • It may be difficult to stand out from the competition if other businesses are using video advertising, making it even more difficult if the templates used are the same
  • There may be a learning curve in terms of creating effective videos 
  • It is important to make sure that videos are properly optimised for, e.g., search engine ranking 
  • There is always the potential for videos to receive negative feedback, as such content can be a hit and miss, especially in the beginning when new brands try it 

What Other Innovation Should We Expect From Amazon In The Near Future?

As Amazon continues to grow its advertising business, we can expect to see more innovation in this area. We may see more video advertising solutions, as well as new tools and features that make it easier for businesses to create and manage their campaigns.

We can also expect Amazon to continue to invest in live streaming, given the success of its Sports Streaming. Overall, we can expect to see Amazon continue to grow its presence in the advertising market, and this is good news for marketers who are looking to reach consumers through video.

Amazon Video Ad Circle Design Template Model
Amazon Video Ad Overlay and Product Template Model


The expansion of Amazon’s video offerings comes as the use of video in advertising continues to grow among brands and consumers alike. According to reports, two-thirds (66%) of marketers said they would increase, or at least maintain spending on digital video ads in 2022 compared with 2021, in response to 88% consumers who responded that they would like to see more video content from their favourite brands

With consumers becoming more accustomed to watching videos online and on social media platforms, it’s no surprise that brands are following suit by increasing their investment in video advertising. By making its video solutions more accessible and expanding its Video Builder tool, Amazon is giving marketers another avenue to reach consumers through engaging content that is likely to resonate given the growing popularity of video consumption.