Spark Academy – Case Study

53% Increase in Organic Traffic | 1 Month
Spark Academy
About Spark Academy

Spark Academy provides expertly crafted tuition programmes for people between the ages of nine and eighteen.

They have a range of packages depending on your needs, starting from just one taught lesson a week.

They have been in business for 7+ years now and have been awarded “Best rated private tutoring company in Leicester” in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Our Approach
Competitor Analysis

The first stage of our plan was to look at out client’s competitors and the industry in general. Alongside keyword research, we looked at their competitor’s websites and content.

We noticed that the tuition industry is poor when it comes down to communicating value of their services, beyond what they do, literally: tuition for kids.

Collectively this gave us enough information to build a solid foundation and move onto step two.


The second stage of our process was blog content. These were uniquely written articles, from a more abstract point of view. For instance, the science of learning and how to focus on developing a child for long term development.

All of which related to the keywords that we targeted during the competitive analysis, for example: Tuition Leicester.

We also answered common questions that potential customers have and educated potential customers on the extended industry surrounding the core service as mentioned previously.


The final part of our work was backlinking – as always. We identified parallel sectors, services and or our client’s target geographical location, before beginning with the guest content.

This was done through a combination of existing relationships or by forming new ones.

Additionally, we registered our client on a set number of directories each month to enhance social media indicators for search engines.

The Results

Got to page 1 for ‘Tuition in Leicester’ within 1 month
53% increase in organic traffic within 1 month

These results were accurate at the time of writing.

The level of result will change depending on the industry and competition.

If you want to find out more, or get results similar to these yourself

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