LinkedIn Masterclass

Make The Most Of LinkedIn
How do I get new clients?
Should I post videos?
What hashtags should I use?
How many times should I post?
What time should I post?
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There are so many questions about LinkedIn and we are here to answer them. Like every social media platform, LinkedIn is not much different. It is the people on it however, that make it so important.

LinkedIn provides an amazing opportunity to seek out connections and form professional relationships. In this training masterclass, we will be sharing exactly how to do this. Plus, make the most of your network.

We will share our experience of how we built the Volta Blue community. A unique networking group with hundreds of businesses from various industries. Many of which, have the resources to potentially become your client.

Challenges Tackled
Required Knowledge
More About Our Ideals 

To make the most of this training course you do not need to know much about LinkedIn. However, it would be more enjoyable if you are already a user and have some understanding of the various features. This is because we will be building upon basic knowledge. In addition to this, we will share how to use the premium LinkedIn sales navigator to filter through to all your ideal connections: saving you time and money.

We believe that digital tools are a great opportunity to form human relationships and that a robotic approach does more harm than good. We use known social concepts to keep the sessions engaging and love to share from practical experience. Although we encourage you to ask questions, we love to ask them too!

The sessions are complimentary (£0) as they give us an opportunity to form deeper relationships with our LinkedIn network. Sign up here if you are interested