Instinct HR – Case Study

Web Design For Instinct HR
About Instinct HR

Instinct HR is run by Darren Jones, who is an independent HR director with a people centric approach.

He has decades of experience in HR and leadership, using both to provide tailored experiences for SMEs.

His support ranges from one-off situations to long-term team and culture development.


Note: not all images / elements are to scale*

The Process
The Brief

Darren’s pre-existing website faced a real issue of not feeling personable, approachable and or friendly. All aspects considered key to Darren’s approach to HR.

His goals for the new website were for it to feel more approachable, informative and a reflection of him, both personally and professionally. The main reason being, he wanted to feel confident enough to point his audience towards it, knowing that they’ll leave reassured and with the right information.

In a nutshell, we wanted to improve the experience from old and clunky to modern and fun. 

The Solution

The first stage in our process was having discovery calls. This meant talking with Darren, assessing his website and generally getting a better understanding of his business overall.

After that we made some wireframes so that Darren had a rough idea of what to expect, what would be needed from himself and any changes he had in mind.

From there it was down to development and lots of back and forth feedback.

In terms of the design, we utilised more of the following; soft edges, transitional elements, small interactions, curves and photos.

Collectively, we believe this made for a more user friendly and visually appealing website, which better reflects Darren’s values and what Instinct HR actually does.

Darren’s Feedback

What you have done, within the timeframe is absolutely fantastic; I can now be proud of my website and encourage everyone towards it; whereas before I was embarrassed to even mention it