How Do You Advertise On Facebook? – The Donkey and Hulk Strategies

3 months ago, I had a potential client who wanted social media management to advertise on Facebook. The potential client simply wanted the world, but was only willing to pay in pennies.

We gladly forwarded the potential client to Upwork and lived happily ever after.

For the sake of doing a little good and saving all of us time, we are going to share a couple of strategies that you can try yourself.

Once you want to upgrade to a more directed effort, Axies Digital is here to help you.

Donkey and the Hulk

(We know why you clicked on this blog. You were intrigued by the idea of a donkey and the Hulk).

So, in this post we are going to give you two strategies. One that we call the donkey strategy – quick and easy. While the second is the Hulk strategy – heavy lifting and rarely ever executed.

Therefore, in this article, you are going to simply learn how to advertise on Facebook.

Starting Off with Facebook Advertising

If you have a quality service or product already, then you will love learning these strategies.

Oppositely, if you are still figuring out things, we suggest spending a bit more time on the business before advertising on Facebook.

Alternatively, there are many YouTube videos that will show you the ropes of the nitty gritty.

In this post, we are simply outlining the mind-frame that we use.

(We love to go deep into algorithms. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Google places Axies Digital on page 1 for multiple UK-wide major cities for “Digital Marketing Agency”).

Is the Price Right

As a result of our expertise, our social media services are not really cheap.

(In all fairness, prices are comparative and you pay for what you want to get).

But, there is a reason why freelancers advertise social media services on similar platforms and charge low because they don’t have a working strategy to advertise on Facebook.

And, even if they do have a strategy, it is based on virtually open space ideas.

At Axies Digital, we like to dig deeper from a psychological perspective and build brands rather than singleton efforts.

Cutting Through the Crap

Going all the way, in terms of social media marketing, has distinct advantages.

Learning how to market on Facebook as a master marketing ninja will allow you to slice through the crap and the ugly, and take your business to the level where you want it to be – a leader in your sector.

So, here is the beginning of your Facebook Ads journey.

Donkey Strategy – Please the ideal customer

A donkey strategy is one that requires you to exert energy into your business to reach more people.

This is where you make sure that you are seen.

We can divide the donkey strategy in two simple steps:

  1. Write a couple of posts advertising the services
  2. Boost the posts to reach your audience

Result – Some leads, some engagement but pretty naff overall without any real thought going into the branding. Going for the direct sale is never recommended. But, it may still work for your business.

Hulk Strategy – Facebook Advertising Master

Hulk Strategy requires a bit more effort.

It requires you to have a better understanding of your past, present, and the future.

We divide it into the following steps:

  1. Recognise Facebook as a Master social being that understands how to make long lasting magical connections.
  2. Identify the behaviours, interests and psychology of your ideal target market. Do some research on general behaviours of your sector and build on that by learning through your efforts.
  3. Do further research on trending tags and for a consistent period post interesting education based content to indicate your expertise to Facebook and your potential clients. Simply, establish that you understand what you are doing.
  4. Once your brand is clear, set up Facebook Pixels for re-advertising. Through Facebook Pixels, you increase your visibly. Data is continually collected about your social presence and, as a result, your conversion rate rockets once individuals have seen you around a few times. Read about visibility psychology to understand this point further.
  5. Use check-ins and tag individuals who you have physically met – whether as a result of social media or your business in general. Facebook understands “recommendations are more powerful than a virtual connection without a meaning”. Strike conversations in such posts and you will be seen by even more people over time.
  6. At this point, you will notice that some posts are far more effective than others. This is because, over time you will see a trend of what works best when advertising on Facebook for your business specifically. This is where intelligent experimentation comes into play as a key to becoming excellence in comparison to your competitors. You are simply creating data specific to your business.

So, here you go. Now you know the two ways in which you can use Facebook.

If your goal is to just sell and make a living, use the donkey strategy.

But, if you have aspirations to grow your business and do bigger things, go for the Hulk strategy.

And, if you are looking for your Avengers team to boost your capabilities, look no further than Axies Digital. Facebook advertisement is just one of the weapons in our cavalry of Digital Marketing. Get in touch to learn more.