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SEO Case Study LinkedIn Management Leicester
About Cross Productions

Cross Productions are a fellow Leicester based company, who offer;

  • LinkedIn and Social Media Management
  • Private Events
  • Magazines and Publishing
  • The Niche Business Awards

They have helped companies like Nuffield Health, Micro-Fresh and Eileen Richards Recruitment to name a few.

Our Approach
Competitor Analysis

The first stage of our plan was to look at out client’s competitors and the industry in general. Alongside keyword research, we looked at their competitor’s websites and content.

This was a unique case because, even though there was search volume for our targeted keywords, the competitors had not utilised search engines as an option. As a result, Google was not showing content that was widely relevant, opening the space for us to quickly gain the spot.

Collectively this gave us enough information to build a solid foundation and move onto step two.


The second stage of our process was blog content. These were uniquely written articles, from a more abstract, yet extended, point of view.

All of which related to the keywords that we targeted during the competitive analysis, for example: LinkedIn Management Leicester.

We also answered common questions that potential customers have and educated potential customers on the extended industry surrounding the core service as mentioned previously, with a special emphasis on the relationship building side of LinkedIn.


The final part of our work was backlinking – as always. We identified parallel sectors, services and or our client’s target geographical location, before beginning with the guest content.

This was done through a combination of existing relationships or by forming new ones.

Additionally, we registered our client on a set number of directories each month to enhance social media indicators for search engines.

The Results

Got to page 1 for ‘LinkedIn Management Leicester’ within 4 months

These results were accurate at the time of writing.

The level of result will change depending on the industry and competition.

If you want to find out more, or get results similar to these yourself

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