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Harmeet and Taz
A Little About Us
We Understand Business

At Axies, we are not just another digital marketing agency: we actually understand business. In fact, we do not provide anything as a service until we’ve tested it on ourselves.

In short, we have built a long term team, to help grow like-minded and value-driven businesses within our community.

Formerly known as Marketing Voice, we have already supported 30 businesses as clients, and 100s as part of our community to:

  • Grab a hold of digital opportunities

  • Expand geographically to other cities

If you would like to be a part of this, watch the video below and keep an eye out for openings on our LinkedIn

Work Experience Programme

We have a range of projects that we can provide work experience for. Our office is based in the Leicester City Centre, where you will be enriched with learning. The programme consists of up to 2 days a week for a month and in some cases can be done remotely.

What To Do Next

Firstly, be clear on what you would like to learn and tailor your CV accordingly. After that, get in touch so we can explore and develop a programme that works for you.